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Del Mar Newborn Photographer


Such a pretty stranger,
Precious like an angel.
Tiny fingers of gold,
Looks like her mommy’s mold.
With a small button nose,
Her daddy’s little toes.
She has platinum blonde hair,
So bright you can’t stare.
Skin silky as a dream,
Carrying the color cream.
Her lips show a little quiver,
As her body holds a shiver.
Wrap her up and keep her close,
A mother is the path you chose.
Beautiful child deep in sleep,
I don’t want to hear you weep.
My little princess you’re a stranger,
God’s most precious dearest angel.

Author: Unknown

Del Mar Newborn Del Mar NewbornDel Mar NewbornDel Mar NewbornDel Mar Newborndel mar newbornDel Mar Newborndel mar newborn

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