Tips for Starting a Business When Expecting a New Baby


Today we have a guest blogger!  The amazing Emily Graham from She has some great tips on starting  a new business when expecting a new baby.  Many of us moms and business owners can relate.  Let’s dig in!


Tips for Starting a Business When Expecting a New Baby

When you’re planning to welcome a new baby into your life, it’s an exciting time. If you’re trying to open your business at the same time, then it’s time for you to get organized. By being organized before and after your baby arrives, you’ll be in a better position to have the time to settle into being a business owner and a new parent. Read on for some pointers from Jessica Raymond Photography.

Strategies to Stay on Track With a New Business and Baby

When your new business is opening and your baby is going to arrive, you need to stay organized and focused. If you don’t, your business could struggle, or you could miss important milestones. There are a few things you can do to stay on track.

Develop a Routine

The first thing you can do is to look into developing a routine. Think about what you need to do each day and how it fits into life with a new baby. For example, if you feed your baby at 4:00 a.m. and they usually go back to sleep for three hours, you could use the next three hours to take care of invoicing or other business-related tasks until your child wakes up again.

Consider using smart gadgets, like baby monitors, smart watches, or a digital security camera, to keep track of what’s going on outside your office and to keep track of the time.

A good routine is healthy for you and your child. It will keep you on track and help compartmentalize both parts of your life.

Form an LLC and Create a Business Plan to Improve the Chances of Success

Now that you have to run your business at the same time as raising your child, you’ll want to be sure you’ve structured your business accordingly. Many entrepreneurs choose to form their ventures as limited liability companies (LLCs), due to certain tax advantages and the protection of personal assets. In order to form an LLC, you can hire a lawyer or use a formation service which is considerably less expensive. Before choosing a formation service, read reviews to determine the best LLC services available.

Shopify notes that a business plan can help improve your chances of success. This plan goes over what your company is, how your business is going to be structured, the funding you’ll need, financial projections, and how you’ll sell your services.

Implement a Document Management System

Business News Daily points out that another thing to do is to implement a document management system. If you need to share files among staff members or clients, the preferred form tends to be PDF files rather than Excel, PowerPoint, or Microsoft Word files. Not familiar with PDF formatting? Fortunately, there are online tools that let you turn your document into a PDF file.

A document management system allows you to run your business as efficiently as possible. For example, if your business is working on a project that has multiple people or teams involved, you may have to deal with an overflow of documents. Instead of having to keep track of so many documents in different formats, use this free PDF merger tool to keep all your documents in one file which will cut time on having to find a document. Once you combine PDF files, you can move PDF pages to get your content in the right order.

Prioritize a Healthy Home

Keeping a healthy home is essential for minimizing stress and promoting good mental health. This starts with maintaining a clean, clutter-free space, which reduces feelings of irritation and frustration that can lead to increased stress levels. Additionally, having an organized living space allows you to easily find what you need when you need it, thereby helping to reduce feelings of panic or worry whenever something is lost or misplaced.

Keep Your Baby Close or Hire a Sitter

Finally, keep your baby close to you to make it easier for you to work and take care of them at the same time. You can set up a bassinet in your office, for example.

If you can’t keep your baby with you while you work, consider hiring a babysitter. Speak with friends and family about taking on the role or research sitters online to find a sitter near you.

You Can Run Your Business and Be an Attentive Parent

Though there may be some tough days ahead, it’s possible to start your business by forming an LLC and be an attentive parent. Develop a routine, track your documents, have a business plan, keep a healthy home, and consider hiring a babysitter to make things easier.

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